This Week’s Connector

And other updates

  • Connector for the Week of January 24
    This Sunday: The Practice of Prayer
    Join us for a special panel discussion on the practice of prayer with Ron Gifford, Carolyn Manley, Brian and Susan Scott, and Karen Thomas.
  • Jesus Christ is Lord
    Pastor T gives us our last Christmas Connect of the season. He reminds us to not forget that Jesus our Lord humbled and sacrificed himself for our benefit, and that’s why we celebrate this season.Merry Christmas FAC family!
  • Lamb of God
    Today Pastor Deb gives us our second to last Christmas Connect. She talks about how Jesus is the Lamb of God and how the significance of this name is shown throughout scripture.
  • Light of the World
    Today Susan Scott talks about how Jesus is the Light of the World. She reminds us that if we have found Jesus, we don’t have to hide from the dark because Jesus gives us light. Sit in that light today.
  • Bright & Morning Star
    Today Pastor Paul talks about how Jesus is our Bright and Morning Star. Just as the morning star brings dawn, so does Jesus bring a new day.
  • Wonderful Counselor
    Today Lilly Lintemuth talks about how Jesus is our Wonderful Counselor. She talks about how someone becomes a great counselor and challenges us to ask how Jesus has been a counselor in our own lives.
  • The Word
    Hannah Meredith shares with us how Jesus is the Word and what this name means to her.
  • Bread of Life
    Pastor Tim gives us today’s Christmas Connect. He challenges us to examine our spiritual diets and what we consume daily. May we let Jesus be the bread of our life.
  • Immanuel
    Today Heather Smith talks about how Jesus’ name Immanuel helped her through a difficult time in her life. May we look and seek God being with us this Christmas season.
  • Prince of Peace
    Jessica Freeburne gives us today’s snowy, peaceful Christmas Connect. She talks about how Jesus is our Prince of Peace and how he gives us a peace that we can’t find anywhere else. Let us sit in that peace today.
  • The Way
    Today Pastor Tanner talks about how Jesus is the Way. He encourages us to get back on Jesus’ path if we’ve gone astray this year.