We are a prayer-fueled people

Prayer Requests

Submit Your Prayer Request

There are several ways to communicate a prayer request to the church. You can call the church at (859) 223-1394 or use our prayer request form. Please indicate if the prayer request is confidential or if it can be shared. A confidential request will only be circulated among the pastors of the church. If a request can be shared it will be posted in our weekly prayer bulletin so all members of the church can have the opportunity to pray for your request.

Monday Prayer Nights

This is a time of corporate prayer led by Pastor Paul in the Sanctuary.

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Prayer Room – Sunday mornings

Teams are available to pray for physical healing or other needs following each service every Sunday. Come to the prayer room on the left side of the sanctuary to pray with a team member. The altar is always open for prayer as well during the conclusion of each of our Sunday services.

Prayer Bulletin

Our prayer bulletin is updated each week with prayer requests from our church family and missionaries around the world. If you would like to receive this weekly email, fill out this form and choose Prayer Bulletin.