Seeking Shalom

This sermon was preached by Pastor Zach Meerkreebs on Jeremiah 29:1-14 and is part of our series Unstoppable Force: The Church, A People of Hope for the World.

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Life group discussion questions

  • Where or what in culture seems to be the most intimidating or worrisome to you? What might Jesus have to say to you in that? How can we support and pray?
  • How is God inviting you to stay, or root down, in this season?
  • How are you praying for the “shalom” of where you are placed? Practically in Lexington (home, work, recreation) and beyond (culture and country)?
  • Where is it hardest to “stand” in this current culture? How might you be resourced or grow in confidence?
  • Who and where are you called to be an ambassador?
  • How might you feel less like a stranger and more like Christ’s ambassador in this season?
  • How might God be asking you to practically partner with FAC and/or one of our partners as we move OUT towards the world in mission?

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