Category: Updates

Preschool Teacher Needed

We are so grateful for all the volunteers who have helped us reopen our nursery and preschool spaces. We’ve had such a good turnout that we need to reopen our fourth preschool classroom. Get in touch with our Nursery and Preschool Coordinator Hannah Meredith to find out more or to volunteer!

Standing Firm in Fragile Times

We are living in times we could not have anticipated a year ago. Our next sermon series will examine how we can continue to believe in and trust God no matter what.

Sanctuary Improvement Update

Today Deb MacKay has an update about an important improvement in the Sanctuary and a reminder to sign up for this quarter’s classes and groups.

Moving UP, IN, and OUT at FAC

One of the perks of having an online-only Ministry Fair this year is that you can take your time learning about all that we have going on this fall. We hope that you’ll take some time in the next few weeks to check out the various opportunities highlighted in our Ministry Fair videos to see […]

Updated Welcome Home Video

As we begin to welcome back our Next Gen ministries in person, we have an updated welcome home video to walk everyone through Sunday morning worship at FAC.

Next Gen Reopening

We are so excited to reopen our Next Gen (birth through high school) spaces on August 16th!