New Year Financial Update

We have so much to celebrate and be thankful for as we reflect on 2023:

  • A committed KIT team visiting our home-limited FAC family
  • Expansion of our Greenhouse Ministry to four Residents
  • “Power Outage Sunday” in March when we worshiped by candlelight anyway!
  • Sending a team to Peru for the 9th time to support Inca Link
  • The hiring of Doug Matthews as our Executive Pastor of Ministry Development
  • Serving many families and Local Partners through Christmas gifts and meals
  • Numerous spiritually impactful retreats and events, welcoming both church family and guests
  • A fabulous VBX this summer
  • Enjoying hundreds of college students on Sunday mornings as a part of our FAC family
  • Many Sundays with more than 1,500 in attendance and special Sundays like Easter with more than 1,700
  • Expansion of many ministries through dozens of groups meeting every week for growth
  • Hundreds of volunteers serving in ministries across every ministry of our church
  • The blessings of the overflow of the Asbury Outpouring
  • Numerous salvations and baptisms!

The Church, Christ’s body, is alive and well at FAC. And, on our first Sunday of January we welcomed over 1,600 people as we began our annual prayer series.

Many of the ministries and activities we offer require funding, and we continue to find the people who call FAC their church home SO faithful with their time and treasure!

In November, Pastor Paul made the congregation aware of a shortfall in our contributions. The response in November and December was amazing—all glory to God! Our December giving alone was $397k. This puts us at 98% of the first 6 months of our faith-filled budget. As we head into 2024, we ask for your continued faithfulness to the Core Ministries General Fund. Let’s not stop now! We are so thankful for your giving.

One fund that we also want to draw your attention to as we start 2024 is our Benevolence Fund. This fund is separate from our Core Ministries budget, and provides assistance for people connected to FAC experiencing financial hardship or crises. We assist with basic needs such as counseling, housing, utilities, and vehicle repair, after a committee meets to assess the applications submitted. Currently this fund is at a very low level, and we need contributions to keep it open. After you give to the Core Ministries General Fund, would you consider either a one-time or small recurring gift to the Benevolence Fund? If many of us even contribute small amounts, we will be able to meet many pressing needs.

Thank you again for being a resource generous church!

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