Assuming a Posture of Prayer

This sermon was preached by Dr. Steve Seamands, Professor Emeritus of Christian Doctrine at Asbury Theological Seminary, on Nehemiah 1:1–2:5 and is part of our series When a Church Prays.

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Life group discussion questions

  1. What was your big takeaway from this week’s sermon?
  2. Has the Lord ever moved you to pray for someone or some thing or some place in a significant way? What happened as a result?
  3. What is the Lord especially calling you to pray for at present?
  4. Has the Lord ever led you to a promise in scripture or a passage in scripture in relation to someone or something that you were praying for? How did that contribute to your praying?
  5. What have you learned or are learning about the importance of waiting and patience in relation to prayer?

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