10,000 Answered Prayers

This sermon was preached by Dr. Matthew Sleeth of Blessed Earth on Philippians 4:4–8 and is part of our series 40 Days of Prayer.

Life group discussion questions

  1. The Bible offers a wide latitude about where, when, how, and for whom we pray. Share some details about your prayer life. Below are some prompts to encourage a conversation:
    • When do you pray?
    • Where do you pray?
    • Who do you pray with?
    • Who do you pray for?
    • What types of prayer come most easily to you—praise, confession, petitions, gratitude, adoration, etc?
    • Is your prayer life connected to reading the Bible? How so?
  2. Do you rely on any prompts (such as the sound of a helicopter flying overhead, when you eat a meal or brush your teeth, setting a phone alarm, etc.) to remind you to pray? Explain.
  3. Share a recent prayer that has been answered. What was the impact?
  4. Reflect on the saying, “When you pray for a good crop, say ‘Amen’ with a hoe in your hand.” Do any examples or experiences come to mind?
  5. Share a time when God did not answer a prayer for what you wanted, but instead answered with what you needed. (This can usually only be seen with the wisdom of hindsight!).
  6. Is there someone (or a small group) that you transparently and regularly pray with? If yes, share how praying together has enriched your relationships with God and God’s people.
  7. Have you recently asked someone you don’t know well if you can pray for them? How did they respond? If you haven’t, is there anything holding you back from praying with others?
  8. Take turns reading aloud the following passages. Do any of them particularly speak to you this week? How so?
    • Ephesians 1:7–10
    • Romans 12:9–13 and 12:21
    • John 14:6
    • Psalm 51:10
    • Matthew 5:22
    • Hebrews 12:5–11
  9. Have you ever felt God nudging you back onto the right path by allowing a prayer to go unanswered, or through experiencing a difficult season of life? Explain.
  10. Do you sense God prompting you to make any changes in your prayer life? Share any resolutions or hopes for 2023 related to your prayer life.

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