Learning from Mary’s Song

This sermon was preached by our High School Pastor Dan McPherson on Luke 1:46–55 and is part of our series Lord, Teach Us to Pray.

Life group discussion questions

  1. How do you begin your prayers? How might beginning with an expression of praise and recognition of your need for a Savior change your posture of prayer?
  2. What great things has God done in your life? Reflect and share with the group.
  3. What characteristics of God stand out to you? How does Mary’s song change your view of God?
  4. Are there any particular passages of Scripture you regularly go to when praying? As a group, research some good passages of Scripture to read as prayers and then read one or two aloud together.
  5. What are some ways God’s Kingdom is different from ours? What are some ways we can begin to bring God’s Kingdom to earth right now?
  6. Is there anything that makes prayer difficult for you? Share those with the group and talk about ways to support each other as you deepen your prayer life both individually and as a group.

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