It Is an Easy Thing

This sermon was preached by our District Superintendent Jeff Miller on 2 Kings 3 and is part of our series Lord, Teach Us to Pray.

Life group discussion questions

  • Have you ever found yourself like Joram, blaming God for things that were your own fault? How have you resolved those feelings and reactions?
  • Have you ever found yourself like Jehoshaphat, rushing forward without pausing first to pray? How can you build a pattern of ‘pray first’ into your life?
  • Have you had any ‘better late than never’ prayer moments? How have you seen God show up?
  • How do you most commonly hear the voice of God? What part has worship played in that?
  • What big things in your life could we pray about together, where we might find that ‘it is an easy thing in the eyes of the Lord’?

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