Living OUT

First Alliance family,

I have the joy to testify of God’s goodness and faithfulness in the time of Covid-19! We are seeing new levels of creativity to reach neighbors, a continued passion for intercessory prayer, and continued stories of God using us, brothers and sisters at FAC, for real deal mission impact in our neighborhoods, our city, and beyond. Though this season has been difficult, the Spirit is moving through you all to continue to proclaim the Gospel through words and good works. Thank you!

Pray with us

As we continue to lean in, I would love to share some prayer prompts for the OUT expression of our church along with all of our ministries. Because of news about how schools will look in the fall and continually changing requests and suggestions, please be praying for wisdom, creativity, and a humble and submitted spirit as we pursue mission during this time. Here are some specific ways you can partner with us in prayer…

  • Pray for our partners, both local and global, along with our international workers. The continued roll out of protocols and regulations impact the ways our partners can minister and care for those they are called to reach. Pray for wisdom and favor in all that they are doing.
  • Pray for our staff…pray for unity, insight, wisdom, gratitude, and confidence as we continue to do ministry with flexibility and in submission to God.
  • Pray for our context…pray that those we are coming into contact with in our neighborhoods, city, and around the globe have been stirred by our common circumstances and are soft and open to the Gospel. Pray for our boldness as we respond to that openness to hear the BEST NEWS in the world.
  • Pray for your brothers and sisters that worship at FAC with you. We are not stifled by our ability to be in a certain building at a certain time. We are called, equipped, and unleashed in our very own spheres of influence to be “gospel presence”. Pray that we would live into our identity and live out our faith in authentic and effective ways.

Partnering with Natalie’s Sisters

Along with your participation in prayer, we are grateful for your continued support and engagement in our drives. Did you know that we have been gathering and distributing goods for almost 4 months now? We will be collecting items for our last item drive of the summer this Wednesday, July 29th from 1:00–5:00pm. We have the opportunity to provide snack bags and hygiene bags for this wonderful ministry in downtown Lexington that cares for women that are sexually exploited. Please drop off the items listed below.

Items for Snack Bags

  • Protein – peanut butter and crackers, Vienna sausages, protein bars, tuna or chicken salad packets or kits, slim jims, jerky
  • Sweet – candy bar, pudding, snack cake
  • Fruit – cup of fruit, applesauce, raisins

Items for Hygiene Bags

  • Disposable plastic razors
  • Travel size deodorant
  • Washcloths
  • 10–15 count baby wipes

Other Needs

  • Bags to fill – lunch bags (like the brown or white paper bags) or gallon zip-locks
  • Female flip-flops of any size

Unique Opportunity to Serve Globally

Do you or anyone you know have expertise in Website design, Website audits, SEO, social media marketing, and/or digital marketing? We have an international worker in a creative access country that has a TREMENDOUS opportunity to develop people and grow a self-sustaining business and ministry but needs some help.

If you or someone you know has expertise and experience in any of these areas, would you contact me? Your unique skill-set can open up doors in a country across the globe and set people up to share the Gospel in new and creative ways!

As you stay engaged, please stay tuned to new ways we can move OUT towards the world in mission. Some of those opportunities will be shared at our Up, IN, and OUT Sunday on August 16th! We are grateful for each one of you as you experience Jesus and respond to what He is asking you to do.


Zach Meerkreebs