Living OUT

Hey First Alliance Family!

I hope you are looking forward to a week of engaging God individually and together. It has been a joy to continue to move UP in worship through our Sundays together online and in person, moving IN towards one another still through our groups and classes, and moving OUT on mission. Thank you for leaning in and staying engaged! Our staff is grateful for you all!

At FAC, we have seven partners. We have four local partners which are Wellington and Booker T Elementary schools, Natalie’s Sisters, and Russell Cave Church of Christ. Along with this work in our city, we have three global partners. These partners around the world are FATEAC Seminary in Ivory Coast, HOPE Clinic in Guinea, West Africa, and IncaLink which serves throughout South America. We are grateful that we get to stay connected with these partners in different ways and I am specifically excited to assess and re-establish current partners or explore and develop new ones! First Alliance church truly desires to not just be cheerleaders on the side of the field but in the game with these partners and really become family together! Would you pray for us as we are actively taking steps in this process with all seven partners?

Let’s continue to serve alongside one of our local partners! We will be collecting items for Natalie’s Sisters this Wednesday from 1-5pm. Please bring items listed below…

Items for Snack Bags

  • Protein – peanut butter and crackers, Vienna sausages, protein bars, tuna or chicken salad packets or kits, slim jims, jerky
  • Sweet – candy bar, pudding, snack cake
  • Fruit – cup of fruit, applesauce, raisins

Items for Hygiene Bags (Please select travel sized items)

  • Soap or shower gel
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Lotion
  • Baby wipes (or washcloths)
  • Razors
  • Additional items like tissues, chapstick, etc.

Other Needs

  • Bags to fill – lunch bags (brown or white paper bags) or gallon zip-locks
  • Female flip-flops of any size

Your participation and prayers are powerful. I am grateful for your partnership in engaging our city and the world in mission!

Have a great week!