Living OUT

Hey First Alliance,

It was so wonderful to see some of you at our first Sunday back in the building together. Whether you joined us in person or worshipped with us online, we are grateful we get to pursue Jesus together!

As we look forward to our week, I am especially excited for our next drive on Wednesday! First Alliance…well done on our first drive for our partners downtown! Because of our generosity we were able to provide snack bags and hygiene bags for this wonderful ministry that cares for women that are sexually exploited. Through your donations, many women at our church volunteering, and our bold prayers, we are able to partner with Natalie’s Sisters in an intentional and powerful way!

We will be collecting items for Natalie’s Sisters this Wednesday from 1-5pm. Please bring items listed below…

Items for Snack Bags

  • Protein – peanut butter and crackers, Vienna sausages, protein bars, tuna or chicken salad packets or kits, slim jims, jerky
  • Sweet – candy bar, pudding, snack cake
  • Fruit – cup of fruit, applesauce, raisins

Items for Hygiene Bags (Please select travel sized items)

  • Soap or shower gel
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Lotion
  • Baby wipes (or washcloths)
  • Razors
  • Additional items like tissues, chapstick, etc.

Other Needs

  • Bags to fill – lunch bags (like the brown or white paper bags) or gallon zip-locks
  • Female flip-flops of any size

Thank you for coming alongside the OUT ministries of your church to love one of our local partners. Please do not forget that your prayers over these items and for our ministry partner, Natalie’s Sisters, are powerful and meaningful. We thank God for their work in our city!

Two more opportunities for us as we live OUT…

  • We will be offering a Wednesday morning session for Evangelism 101! If 9am on Sunday mornings does not work for you, join us for the same class on Wednesday mornings from 7-8am. The content and resources are on our groups page so you are not too late to join either the Sunday or Wednesday class!
  • Do you have an empty egg carton? During this week’s drive (1-5pm on Wednesday) we will be collecting empty egg cartons for an opportunity to provide eggs to some of our partners downtown.

Grateful for you all that you do to partner with FAC and I as we partner in God’s redemptive mission for His World!

Zach Meerkreebs