Living OUT

Hey First Alliance family!

I am so grateful for another Sunday together. I am so excited to jump into this series highlighting Jesus and His powerful ministry. When Jesus is seen clearly, He is captivating and compelling to an onlooking and hungry world! I look forward to what God does this summer through our time in John.

As we move UP in worship on Sundays and participate in our IN movement through classes and groups, we have continued to move OUT towards this world and our city in mission. Thanks for partnering in that mission with your church!

Thank you from one of our local partners, Natalie’s Sisters

We had another successful drive this last Wednesday and were able to put together and deliver snack bags and hygiene supplies for Natalie’s Sisters to distribute to the women they minister to. Here is a message for you from their team.

Global Partner Highlight: IncaLink

First Alliance Church and IncaLink have been in relationship with each other for approximately 12 years now, and we have had the joy to serve with them multiple times by taking trips to Trujillo, Peru, for short-term stints with their team. Even though we had to cancel this year’s mission trip, our partnership is growing and becoming stronger than ever. Here are some ways you can cheer on and pray for our global partner IncaLink.

  • IncaLink’s vision is to reach the 300+ million youth in Latin America with Christ’s irresistible love. Our national Inca Link organizations do this through evangelism and discipleship, training leaders, connecting people, and compassion ministries. We are devoted to helping the least of these in Latin America.
  • IncaLink is currently serving in four South American countries and has the vision to open 10 sites in 10 different countries before 2030.
  • How is Covid-19 impacting our partners?
    • Peru’s team is reassessing and getting creative with their site. Peru is currently struggling greatly with the pandemic and is currently set to reopen slightly by early September. Their compound is currently offering space for displaced people to sleep, shower, and do laundry. The government has utilized their space for a community kitchen and if things continue to move negatively, they have been asked to utilize their space as a community triage center.
    • The team in Quito, Ecuador have utilized their resources to care for refugees during this season, especially refugees from Venezuela and have had some tremendous evangelistic conversations!
    • IncaLink has begun a conversation to create microloans to help people from their communities during this season of difficulty. Their Director of Ministry Development, Luke, has been building a committee and are anticipating great fruit and ministry from this opportunity.
  • How can we pray for our partners, IncaLink, during this time?
    • Pray for trailblazing missionaries to come be a part of their team and help start sites in new countries!
    • Pray for opportunities that have been presented to them in Mexico, Guatemala, Brazil, and Argentina.
    • Pray for their leadership as they maneuver international ministry during Covid-19.
    • Pray for FAC and IncaLink’s relationship to grow and become a truly collaborative and loving partnership in ministry.

Thank you, First Alliance, for staying engaged and praying for our ministry outside of our church walls. I am so grateful for both our local partner, Natalie’s Sisters, and our global partner IncaLink. Thanks for joining with me as we partner in God’s redemptive mission together!

In Him,