Living OUT: May 18, 2020

Hi First Alliance family!

We are so grateful for how you have stayed engaged in all three movements of our church! You have participated in this season in our “UP” movement through joining us at our virtual Sunday services along with our monthly prayer nights. We have been so encouraged by the engagement in our “IN” movement through the great response to our women’s bible study, our men’s studies, and virtual life groups! I have personally been very blessed by how you all have rallied and served our city so well through our food drive and other acts of service in our city! Thank you, church family, for staying engaged and pursuing Jesus in these ways during Covid–19.

We have multiple OUT things this week… please check them OUT!

Evangelism 101 Class

I will be leading this virtual class via Zoom for 7 weeks starting on June 14. As a staff we have heard so many of you say that this season has opened up conversations with your neighbors like never before… But it is hard to make that jump from introductory conversation to intentional gospel conversation. We hope that this class will equip you to do that! You can sign up here.

Baby Bottle Blessings for Assurance

Baby Bottle Blessings is a wonderful opportunity for First Alliance to come alongside Assurance, a local ministry that serves those facing unplanned pregnancy or struggling from a past abortion. The realities around these issues are staggering and heart breaking and Assurance offers these services free, with no judgement, no pressure, just help. This specific opportunity to participate in their regular fundraising initiative has been impacted by COVID–19 but they have made the needed adjustments to continue their mission. In fact, Assurance has saved an estimated 39 lives in the first 3 months of 2020!

We have had the joy to be a part of this campaign in past years and understand that Baby Bottle Blessings is critical to their ability to continue their mission. Though they made changes to protect the health and safety of all of those involved, there are 3 alternate ways to “fill a bottle”: mail a donation, give online, or text to give. We invite you to participate in this important initiative! Here are the ways you can “fill your bottle”!

  • Mail your donation to Assurance, 1517 Nicholasville Rd., Suite 405, Lexington, KY, 40503 (if you would, please include First Alliance Church).
  • Give online and fill out the simple, additional form to indicate that you are a part of the FAC family.
  • Text “give” to (844) 689–3103. Respond to the follow up text and follow their lead.

“Drive By, Drop Off” Food Drive – This Wednesday, May 20th, 1–5pm

We will be hosting our 5th food drive to support Wellington and Booker T Elementary Schools. We have the unique opportunity now to collaborate with one of our sister churches, New City Church, which met regularly on the north-side of town near two of our current local partners.

We will be ready for your donations this coming Wednesday from 1–5pm on the “apartment side” of our church. You can drive up and even stay in your car! If you would like to stay in, please place your food in your trunk and just open it up and our team will collect the items. Here are the needed items for this coming food drive…

  • Frozen vegetables
  • Frozen chicken nuggets
  • Frozen pizzas
  • Bread
  • Peanut butter and jelly
  • Rice
  • Pasta
  • Milk
  • Breakfast Foods
  • Fresh fruit (if available)
  • Snack food
  • Activities for kids: board games, craft supplies, etc.
  • Hygiene supplies

We are actively talking with our partners on what this looks like as we transition into the summer and there are new needs for these communities. Would you be praying for us as we discern and design strategy for our summer? Please pray for Monica at Booker T and SueEllen at Wellington…they are doing such a wonderful job!

Looking to Serve as We Move Towards Reopening? Keep Your Eyes Open!

As we take steps towards reopening and offering services, we want to continue to love those who visit by providing the most hospitable and safe setting for them to meet with Jesus. With our new guidelines and needs, we will need to expand teams/team members to make Sundays possible. We will need people to serve on The Livestream Team (video, lighting, camera operation, PowerPoint, etc.), cleaning teams, and many more. Please be praying about, if you are willing and able, how you could partner with FAC during this time.

More opportunities with details and training will be coming your way soon!

We are so grateful for each one of you and cannot wait to be back worshipping with you all. Thank you for staying engaged and continually living UP, IN, and OUT.

In Him,