We love locally and globally

We are excited to introduce Zach Meerkreebs, who will be our new Pastor of Outreach starting in January! In the video below, Zach talks about what led him to FAC and his journey to ministry.

Local Partners

Russell Cave Church of Christ

Located in North Lexington, Russell Cave serves a diverse number of racially ethnic families. We contribute to their clothing distribution giveaway to their neighborhood twice a year. We also supply tutors for an after school reading program to help neighborhood kids improve their reading and vocabulary skills.

Wellington Elementary School

Wellington, located not far from our church, serves a number of International families. We hope to assist these families in a variety of ways throughout the school year, but most notably through an emerging ESL class to help parents learn English and enable them to get jobs.

Booker T. Washington Elementary School

An inner city school that has a 100% free lunch program. We collect needed supplies throughout the year, and provide Christmas meals and nonperishable foods for some of their families to help through the holidays.

Global Partners

FATEAC – Cote d’Ivoire, West Africa

FATEAC is an Alliance Seminary located in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire. The mission has been clear from the beginning: contribute to the blossoming of an authentic Christianity in contemporary Africa by giving students a solid biblical and theological education to prepare them for diverse evangelical ministries while keeping in mind African realities. Our church took a collection to help build a second dormitory at the school, so more students could take advantage of living on campus and experience Christian community. We plan to continue to help support the growth of this school.

Hope Clinic – Guinea, West Africa

Hope Medical Center is a medical/surgical center in the southeastern region of Guinea West Africa. Your partnership, prayers, and help will provide affordable care to some of the earth’s poorest people. The Hope Clinic sees between 60-100 outpatients a day. The dental office sees around 40 people a month. Each patient at the clinic hears about Jesus. Our church sends a mission team to the Hope Clinic on a recurring basis, both for medical missions and building maintenance.

Supporting Worldwide Missions

The Great Commission Fund

  • Provides health care in places like Gabon where the Bongolo Evangelical Hospital treats more than 30,000 patients annually, and where hundreds receive Christ as their Savior.
  • Partners in reaching Muslims, Buddhists, animists, and Hindus for Christ.
  • Trains future church leaders worldwide.
  • Gives food, provisions, and hope to victims of war, famine, and natural disasters.
  • Supplies grants for new churches being launched within the United States.
  • Brings the message of Jesus to unreached people groups.

Alliance Missionaries are not required to raise their own support. Gifts given to the Great Commission Fund allow them put their focus on ministry and not on fundraising. Learn more about the Great Commission Fund.

CAMA Services

CAMA Services began as an outreach to refugees fleeing the horrors of the Indochina conflict in 1972. Through camps in Thailand serving Vietnamese, Laotian, and Cambodian refugees, CAMA staff provided food, clothing, medical care, job training, and a verbal witness to the truth that God’s Son died and rose again.

The lessons learned in Indochina were soon applied among refugees in Hong Kong, Lebanon, Jordan, and Guinea and famine victims in Burkina Faso and Mali. Development projects were started to empower the poor to live in hope.

CAMA Services now has projects in more than fifteen countries across the world, including famine relief in Mali, AIDS awareness compaigns in Burkina Faso, well-drilling in Vietnam, and a potato co-op in Mongolia. Learn more about CAMA Services.

Short-Term Missions

Peru 2020

FAC is sending a short-term mission team to Trujillo, Peru for the 9th time in 12 years! We are serving at a C&MA Envision site in conjunction with Inca Link Peru. We will be working with children, teens, and adults with 4 distinct Inca Link ministries doing construction, sports ministry, children’s programming, and whatever else is needed! The best part is that we will be (re) connecting with the ministries leaders in Peru who are there serving the Lord as they reach out to their community every day. The trip is designed for families as well as students who will have completed 7th grade prior to the trip. If you are interested in joining the Peru 2020 team fill out an application.

Key Dates:

  • Informational Meeting – September 15, 12pm
  • Applications Due – October 27
  • Deposit due – December 15
  • Trip Dates – June 12-21, 2020

Our Missionaries

In addition to our missionaries listed below, there are several families from our church serving in limited access countries around the world. For security reasons, we cannot post their names, but please remember them when you pray!

Locations marked are creative access countries. See our guidelines below for how to safely correspond with these workers.

How to Safely Correspond with Workers in Creative Access Countries

Many international workers from our church and the Alliance serve in Creative Access Countries (CAC). Since they are living and working in areas of the world that may be hostile to the gospel it is important to follow certain guidelines when communicating with or about these workers. This not only protects the workers on the field and allows them to continue in their work, but it also protects the locals that they are in contact with.

The following guidelines were issued by the Alliance national office and should be carefully followed in your correspondence with any CAC workers.

Our objective in asking you to cooperate fully with these guidelines is to protect on-the-ground Alliance international workers and partners. Thank you for being vigilant in observing these.

The most vulnerable place where sensitive information about Christian work is being sought is the Internet. Never put anything about Alliance work in a creative-access country (CAC) on a Web site. Do not put the names of workers, the countries in which they’re working, or any other information on the Internet that could be used against Alliance international workers and partners. If sensitive information is accessed by those hostile to the gospel, it could mean the expulsion of Alliance workers or even their imprisonment. The consequences could be worse for national partners from the country in question.

There are many inappropriate words and subjects that should not be used in communication with our C&MA creative-access workers. The following guidelines are to be used in all your correspondence with them. The single most important communication mode requiring discretion is e-mail. One has to assume that all e-mail sent to and from a creative-access country is downloaded, opened, and/or saved by someone other than the intended recipient. This is a reason for extreme caution.

  1. Don’t criticize the host country’s government in any way.
  2. Don’t mention missions, missionary activity, evangelism, witnessing, giving out Bibles, the host country’s church, raising support, etc. The C&MA does send missionaries; however, while they are living in a CAC, their identity is that of a teacher, business person, medical professional, development worker, consultant, or other professional. Removing the title of “missionary” does not remove their purpose. They will continue to share Christ with others, discipling new believers and helping them to join or form a local church. In a CAC our workers will be witnesses through their words, lives, and the credibility of their work.
  3. Don’t send missionary prayer letters, tracts, church bulletins, missions magazines, Bibles, district or church newsletters, etc.
  4. Don’t send letters on church stationary or send support information traceable to church sources into the host country. Any sermon tapes mailed should be labeled only with the speakers first and last name. Don’t send packages with church labels.
  5. Don’t mention your workers’ friends in the host country by name or in any way identify people who might be interested in Christianity.
  6. Limit your use of Christian language to talking about your own spiritual life and growth. You can quote Scripture. Just remember that moderation is the key.
  7. Don’t send bulk e-mail to CAC workers.
  8. Only give out your worker’s e-mail address or mailing address after obtaining permission from that worker. When you do give out their address, please make sure that you also give the recipient a copy of these guidelines.
  9. Do write letters to your CAC workers. Mail is a cherished and needed encouragement. Even if you cna’t say all you’d like to, please do write. A letter about what’s happening in your life could make your worker’s day.
  10. Don’t encrypt or code e-mails (or letters) to and from CAC workers, as this can bring unwanted attention to the sender and receiver.

These guidelines should be followed for all phone calls, e-mails, letters and packages. First-class mail, in most cases, can take 2-3 weeks to reach your worker, so be sure to send mail early!

The Awabdys

Location: Creative Access Country

Mission: Working in theological education and building trust relationships.

The Browns

Location: Creative Access Country

The Carters

Location: Creative Access Country

Mission: Serving their neighbors through community development and English classes networking with existing faith communities.

Bob & Beth Chick

Location: Cary, North Carolina

Mission: Working with Trans World Radio to keep our worldwide network a secure, up to date, and effective tool for bringing the Gospel of Salvation to the world.

Elizabeth D.

Location: Creative Access Country

Mission: Working with TeachBeyond.

The Elliott Family

Location: Creative Access Country

Marci & Larry Flick

Location: Wilmore, Kentucky

Mission: Working with Go InterNational.

Children: Hannah

Bob & Linh Hahn

Location: Quy Nhon, Vietnam

Mission: Working with Training Evangelistic Leadership.

Children: Kristy

The Henrys

Location: Creative Access Country

Mission: Working with CHRISTAR to establish churches among least-reached peoples.

The Johns

Location: Albania

Mission: Working through TeachBeyond at GDQ International Christian School.

The Julians

Location: Cote d’Ivoire

Mission: Working with FATEAC.

The Mangham Family

Location: Creative Access Country

Rachel McGarvey

Location: Guinea

Mission: Discipling at-risk women through World Venture.

The O’Connell Family

Jeff, Andrea, Will, and Jonathan

Location: Montana

Mission: Working with International Messengers.

Phil & Debbie Renfroe

Location: Marion, IN

Mission: Teaching at Indiana Wesleyan University and Global Community Health Empowerment through WGM.

Children: Aaron, Shona Kay, Bryant, Whitney

The Waggoners

Location: Albania

Mission: Community development and discipleship in villages through WGM.

Children: Ellie & Reni

The Walkers

Location: Tanzania

Mission: Serving in the area of literacy and linguistics as part of a Bible translation team through SIL/Wycliffe.

Children: Hannah & Joy

The Williamsons

Location: Taiwan

Mission: Working with One Mission Society.

Children: Hosanna